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Ninjin Animated Series!

Created by Pocket Trap and Roger Keesse
10×1 ‘, 7×3’, 12×7 ‘ (ongoing series)
Co-production Birdo, Cartoon Network, Pocket Trap

NINJIN is a character-driven, anime inspired, action comedy anima­ted series co-produced by the game studio Pocket Trap, Birdo Studio and Cartoon Network Brasil, taking place in the same uni­verse as the video game Ninjin: Clash of Carrots. The series features 22 episodes, divided in 3 different formats:
ten 1-minute-long episodes, seven 3-minute-long episodes and finally an ongoing series of 7-minute-long episodes.

The story is focused on NINJIN, a rabbit cub who only cares about one thing: becoming an ass-kicking ninja master, just like his ancestors used to be in the days of yore. Alongside his pals, the fran­tic fox AKAI and the lazy frog FLINK, they will not only train under an ELDER RABBIT SENSEI – the real screwball around those parts – but will also face the most absurd, insane and out of control situations.

You can watch the Ninjin series on Cartoon Network and HBO Max!*

*Available only in Latin America at the moment

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