Pocket Trap
Based in São Paulo, Brazil

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Q1 2017



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The Clash of Carrots is on! Beat ’em Up and Shoot ‘em Up genres mash-up on this stylish and deliciously frenetic action game involving Ninjin, a ninja bunny who must do whatever it takes to recover his precious carrots from the claws of an evil star-nosed Shogun. Fight your way through five different continents by slashing and shooting on countless goofy enemies and bosses, arranged in formations that the evil shogun created specially for you. Become the Ultimate Ninja Rabbit by spending your hard earned carrots on a huge arsenal of awesome ninja weapons, perks and special jutsu powers!



  • Addicting non-stop action unique gameplay that mixes the best elements from old-school beat'em ups, shoot 'em ups, and modern games.
  • Stylish and unique pixel-art visuals.
  • Story mode featuring more than 30 stages, multiple environments, end bosses and unique loot.
  • Frenetic and exciting combat with a huge enemy variety which assaults in constantly changing formations that keeps surprising the player.
  • Rewarding chest loot system offering an enormous range of swords, shurikens and tasty perks.
  • Huge replay value with local co-op multiplayer, bonus objectives and unlockable modes like Procedural Endless and Boss Rush.
  • Character customization through awesome perks and upgrades on the Sensei’s Dojo!
  • Wield a powerful ninja arsenal consisting on elemental blades and unique projectiles like: boomerangs, kunais, shurikens, explosive dummies and more!


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Awards & Recognition

  • ""Best Game In Development: Ninjin: Clash of Carrots" - Brazilian Independent Games Festival" SB Games 2014

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About Pocket Trap

Pocket Trap is a small independent game studio from São Paulo, Brazil. Founded in July/2013 by Henrique Caprino and the cousins Henrique Lorenzi and Rodrigo Zangelmi, the studio focuses on delivering experiences with lots of personality. In its short lifetime, Pocket Trap achieved 6 awards and critical acclaim with it's first commercial title, Ninjin for iOS.

The studio is now working on Ninjin: Clash of Carrots, a sequel/reboot for Ninjin, currently set to launch in 2016 for consoles and PC that has already been exhibited in huge events like Tokyo Game Show and Playstation Experience. Pocket Trap is also known for Hell Broker, a game that got chosen by the designer Jason Rohrer as one of the finalists of Indie Speed Run.

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Ninjin: Clash of Carrots Credits

Henrique Alonso Caprino
Producer and Business Development

Henrique Lorenzi
Programmer and Sound Designer

Rodrigo Zangelmi

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