Hack terminals with your friend on the Winner of IGN Game Jam!

" um jogo inteligente e viciante que se aproveita muito bem do tema proposto e de elementos cooperativos."[Brazilian Portuguese] - IGN Brazil

Interlink was developed in 48 hours by Pocket Trap and was the winner of the first edition of IGN Brasil Game Jam.

It is a 2D co-op game where both players need to work together and communicate to hack a crazy program ruled by Asky, the evil "Question Mark". One player controls the character while the other controls the interface using the Mouse. The interface player must give commands to his buddy in order to complete his mission of hacking 10 terminals!

And here's a tip: don't forget to use the "Double" command once you've hacked 4 terminals :)

Commands list: Give_Jump; Give_Ammo; Give_Health; Hack_Terminal

Play now!