The Clash of Carrots is coming to Consoles and PC!

The Clash of Carrots is on! Beat ’em Up and Shoot ‘em Up genres mash-up on this stylish and deliciously frenetic action game involving Ninjin, a ninja bunny who must do whatever it takes to recover his precious carrots from the claws of an evil star-nosed Shogun.

Fight your way through five different continents by slashing and shooting on countless goofy enemies and bosses, arranged in formations that the evil shogun created specially for you. Become the Ultimate Ninja Rabbit by spending your hard earned carrots on a huge arsenal of awesome ninja weapons, perks and special jutsu powers!

Key features include:

  • Robust Story Mode featuring more than 30 stages
  • Deep Customization options with a powerful ninja loadout
  • More than 150 weapons and items, including swords, projectiles, and perks
  • Rich assortment of weapons, including four classes of weapons and each with its own behavior
  • Face Powerful Boss Characters each with a unique entrance and personality
  • Multiple environments providing unique setting and backdrops for gameplay and boss encounter
  • Tremendous discoverability as players retrieve treasure chests from enemies and bonus objectives

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